Professional License

A professional license is issued by the DED (department of economic development) to the companies which depends on talents and intellectual obtain a professional license there require many approvals from different government authorities in UAE. These include approval from the chamber of commerce, Documents clearing, Municipality protocols, etc. With Prime Point Business Services all the required approvals can be done with a minimum time period if you have the right documents.

The most striking factor for the professional license is the 100% foreign ownership but the trade license require a local service agent to complete the judicial formalities. The local service agent will have no other involvement in the company and he is paid on annual basics and another advantage is that it also permits sole proprietorship in some jurisdiction.

Setup your professional license with Prime Point Business Services with no Worries, our expert Business Setup team will set up your business license with no time.

For more queries related to a professional license in Dubai UAE contact our Business Setup Consultant.

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